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November 2016


The House

Have you heard of “The Year of The Monkey,” or “The Year of The Dragon?” Well this year of our Lord, 2016, is “The Year of The House” … The Agape House! This is the year our “Supported Independent Living House” is to be acquired. The homeless woman who has aged out of foster care is 60-70% more likely to be funneled into the pipeline of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking. This Has To STOP, and We Need Your Help! Please contribute what you can to help us lease or purchase our first home for 4-7 women.

This Is So Important!

We are being referred women who are in need of housing. We have to turn them away because we do not, yet, have our house. We are committed to putting our energy and funds into providing the first house for at-risk women in need. Your Gift Will Provide For:

1. A security deposit
2. The first, the last, and month-to-month rent      money
3. Insurance and utilities
4. Educational and mentoring programs for The House

“Of course we would love to BUY a house… Where Do You Send Your Contribution to Change a Woman’s Life?

Send a check to:
The Agape House,
Att: Ron Ward,
1000 2nd Ave. Suite 4050
Seattle, WA, 98104

Or donate through PayPal:



donate through @Pay with your mobile device:

1. SIMPLY TEXT (1-206-488-0499)
2. Enter Your Bank Card Information on the   SECURE SITE.
3. Push Submit.

Thank You!

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December 2016



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January  2017



A Blog by Rev. Kiti Ward

February  2017


Good Morning Dear Supporters of The Agape House, yes, we do have property that we are slated to rent for $1000,00 a month for a 3 bedroom, one bath house in Seward Park.

We appreciate the new owner of this property as he is waiting for all the legal criterion to be met and to make basic changes that will assure safety for all who will live in the structure. You are a part of an incredible group of folks that has voiced interest in helping us put our first home together for our first 3 women.
As you remember Agape House's mission is to get to the young woman, coming out of foster care, before the streets get to her. Housing is one of the our major two-fold foundations; the other is education/training (www.theagapehouseinc.org)
Agape House is looking forward to serving all single women between the ages of 18-24 years old. However, it would be very appropriate for us all to repair and beautify our first home in the month of February which is Black History Month. The targeted women are those, in King County, who are the underserved and overrepresented or African- American women.
We will, once we know, let you know so that you can put your teams together to work in designated areas such as painting, repairing, gardening. We also still need additional household items (list available upon request). Also, I am encouraging any who can, to sign up to take a month of rent for the house. It would be great for a church group, a business group, a women's group etc.
On behalf of the women of The House, The Agape House Board and myself, the words "thank you" are not nearly enough to say to fabulous folks like you! ...
 Hugs and Blessings,
Executive Director
To Save a Life, To Save a World

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March  2017


Thank you all for your contributions and love towards the Agape House.
Please keep them coming.
If anyone knows of a house that someone wants to donate for a year or so for a good tax break Agape House would be a great place to look.
We will turn that house into a home for women who otherwise would probably be homeless as they emerge from foster care.
Again, thank you for your kindness.
Kiti (Executive Director)


Grace and Truth Apostolic Ministries

Please join us at this event with GTAM…a great church in Kent.

The WALK-A-THON is Saturday, March 25th . Address: 1101 Outlet Collection Way, Auburn, WA 98188  *Enter on the  north side ... enter through Court B near Sam's Club & LA Fitness.

7:00 AM - Registration & Prayer

8:00 AM - Walk-A-Thon

To you that love us at The Agape House we thank and bless you. 

You know the statistics that show that, although African Americans only comprise 7% of King County’s population, over 30% of the young people in foster care are African-American. We also know that foster care is being dubbed by the FBI and others as “the pipeline” to sexual exploitation and trafficking. We believe that it is better to "get to the young woman coming out of foster care before the streets do."
It is immensely cost-effective in lives (save a life, save a world) and in the return of the investment (ROI) to the community. Thank you for hearing the need to be preventative and to establish an early intervention model like Agape House. Our House, besides providing a physical house as well as a solid educational and training foundation, is founded in the reality that there is a great need for social justice for women of color.
We have taken the words of Warren Buffett's philanthropy group, NoVo, to best explain The Agape House position. They state the status far better than we, at the House, so we include it here for your perusal and for all of us to celebrate  it’s acknowledgement. NoVo has a “deep commitment to address the structural barriers that perpetuate inequality" so they focus on girls…girls of color.

They continue, "As a result of pervasive racism and sexism, girls of color in the U.S. face unique and deep-seated structural challenges, including barriers in completing school, finding employment and living free from state and interpersonal violence. These disparities combine and deepen into new disparities in adulthood, such as the shocking wealth gap we now see for women of color. Latina women, for example, earn just 56 cents for every dollar earned by white men.”


"By interceding in this critical period... philanthropy can help to unlock tremendous leadership potential and foster a whole new life trajectory for the next generation of girls and young women of color. In the process, we can ensure that girls of color finally move from invisibility to investment."

The Agape House recognizes that we appear to be losing a generation of women in the middle class. Women of color are few in numbers within the middle class,  If you question the efficacy of this statement, merely look around us. How many women of color (African-American and Latin) do you see in King County, in offices, in their own businesses, on campuses as professors and students, in the field of medicine, as educators, at Microsoft or Google, on the streets of Seattle or Bellevue at lunch time during the middle of the work week? 
Blessings and Hugs,

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April  2017

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