Dear Friends of  Agape House,

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving.

As you are aware we are now moving into our Third Phase of Agape House.
Phase 1 included, but was not limited to, formulation of policy, purpose, mission, establishment of goals and objectives, the acquisition of our 501c3, recruitment and development of board and volunteers, partnerships with other agencies, fund raising. 
Phase 2 included, but was not limited to, identification and rental of the 1st Agape House in Seattle, vetting of the program, recruitment of at-risk women, recruitment and training of volunteers, establishment of the house with women in residence with volunteers overseeing the efforts, fund raising efforts, public education and awareness.
Phase 3  is the stage we are presently in. This is, a result of the formerly good work completed by many of you. It is where we take off. It simply is doing what Steve Jobs of Apple said we do, “Build the airplane while we fly it”. We, at Agape House, have found this is not for the faint of heart.
Our genesis objectives, to be modified by board: 
-to raise funds (capital or foundation campaign) (Angie, Rory), for the agency, 
-to offer concurrent efforts with appropriate venture capitalists/stakeholders (Annette, Dave) 
-to build, implode or “trick out” a present site for a multi-use residence for at-risk women (Sam) 
-to partner with new non-competitive agencies faith-based and service groups (Narima, Jadina), 
-to provide services outside of our norm such as a drop-in day program (Kiti), 
-to provide outreach to emergency foster families through DSHS (Ashley and Barbara), 
-to hire bonafide, core staff in place of volunteers (hiring committee),
-to recruit and train Agape House Board Members (Andrea, Anita), 
-to oversee Agape House Lead Mentors, clinical staff  (Traci, Dede, Barbara), 
-to encourage, enrich, expand, community presence through the press, social media, events, outreaches etc. (Betty, Michelle), 
-to provide medical care (Afia).
In doing the above we must modify. 
A. We will put all fiduciary and legal responsibilities under the oversight of the Agape House Board. All committees, including the Agape House Advisory Committee, are the responsibility of board. Perkins Coie, our lawyers, expect no less.  THE DECEMBER 8TH MEETING IS CANCELLED; WE WILL MEET THE LAST WEEK OF JANUARY 2020. What day is your preference? Please check your email for a discussion paper, for your perusal, from Ashley.
B. We will identify and agree upon Agape House Board community values such as these, meant to be catalytic, a point of thought and discussion, at our next meeting.
    b.1   Every voice will be heard and valued
    b.2   It is appropriate and expected that members will disagree and make mistakes
    b.3   Confidential discussions will remain confidential outside the meeting
    b.4   If there are disagreements the involved persons will resolve the issue(s)
            between themselves
    b.5   Honesty in kindness, recognizing our common humanity is foundational
    b.6.  Gossip is not 
    b.7.  Show respect and dignity for each person working in tandem with you
    b.8   A dynamic group thrives and functions best in an environment where questions, problem solving efforts, goal and objective setting, deductive,
            inductive, creative thinking are encouraged and valued
    b.9   Each member shares the common goal to see every young woman, in program, succeed  
    b.10 We must encourage one another to not only have the  vision but to engage it through work…Scripture says, “Faith without works is dead.”
For those of you new to Agape House, we welcome you and your talent. We believe the time you spend helping our youth to succeed will be a legacy you will be proud of; you will be clear you will have made a difference in the lives of young women and their children to come.
For those of you who who have been in the trenches with us, for the lives of the “girls” (who had little to no place to turn), you are the heroes. There just are no words to fully describe you. You have shown a grandeur and depth of decisive love and rapped it in multiple hours of kindness and action. Our “girls” may never know your name but we as a community are far better off because of you. The scripture, (The Torah) states: To save a life is to save a world. That is what you have done!
Thank you both!
Please feel free to reach out to me any time this Christmas/New Year  (206-579-6648). Until that time please be blessed in all that you and yours do this precious holiday.
In His Love,

Rev. Kiti Ward
Executive Director
Agape House