Dear Friends,

I hope your Christmas, Hannukah Season 2020 is going well. This is the end of a year we either want to forget or will never be able to forget. Either way we can find something to be grateful for…❤
I am reaching out to you as there are several Black and Brown women we are working to get into housing; those on the brink of being on the streets-homeless.
One young woman, about 25 years of age, has just taken her 2 siblings, under 8 years of age in to her 2 bedroom apartment as their mother has begun to “use” again. Her own baby is under 3 years of age. This means there are suddenly 3 children and no decent place to sleep yet she, a graduate of foster care, does not want her brother and sister to become a part of that system. She has brought them to live with her while she attends college and works a job. She very much needs our help.
She needs a twin bed. If you are able to help you can do so through purchasing at Amazon. The Agape House can verify and give you the requisite IRS forms for 2020. These beds run approximately 90-200 dollars; perhaps several of us can join in on the purchase. Let me know if you are interested. (206-579-6648) Thank you so much.
Another young woman is sleeping on the floor with her children at a friend’s house. She is being encouraged to leave. Do you know of housing possibilities? We know of one really nice place that will rent for a reasonable 3000 a month for 3 bedrooms. Until  we can locate housing for her, a gift of a Marvel Comic Book for her son or a LOL doll for her daughter would be amazing.
If you can help please contact me. (206-579-6648). You may again send directly to her (I have both women’s permission to give you their particulars) or you can come through Agape House.
Anything and all things work. Thank you for being an Agape House friend.
Blessings to your New Year.

Kiti Ward
Executive Director
The Agape House
To Save a Life, To Save a World