Agape House Website

The Agape House Website


The Agape House website made its online debut in February of 2012 and has flourished on social media ever since. The original website was constructed with just a few pages of simple, basic information designed to expose the worldwide web to the incredible efforts of Rev. Kiti and the Agape House. Her determination to make a positive difference in the lives of needy young women has now become something for vast audiences to appreciate.

We have grown and developed in leaps and bounds since 2012 and are proud to have our state-of-the-art website earning honorable mention by professional Web Developers (Wealthy Affiliate). Our site offers a wide variety of Agape House information, images, news, videos and animation. It is a particularly user-friendly website that is easy to navigate and easy to understand. We are quite proud of this state-of-the-art accomplishment that captures the imagination and touches the heart.

The Agape House website clearly explains our mission and what we are about. There is an informative FAQ with statistics that will answer potential questions and a Blog News page for keeping abreast of updates and current events.

Menu items:

Our Mission,  About Us,  FAQ,  The Agape House (Projects),  Donations,  Events,  Blog News,  Our First House,  Support Information,  Contact Information.


The Agape House website is ongoing and requires constant layout adjustments, information alterations, design planning, and extensive research to keep it the top-notch presentation it has become. I particularly enjoy developing our website as it is such a worthy endeavor.

Lewis Ferguson

Site Manager