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The Agape House Blog

Blog by Rev. Kiti Ward

September  & October  2020


We are inviting 120,000 individuals to consecrate themselves for 10 days from September 18–28.

This challenge includes: 1) Taking time off of work for the purpose of worship and prayer 2) Fasting food at some level 3) Devoting yourself to prayer with other believers and 4) Fasting from social media and entertainment.

The most meaningful things in our life often cost us the most. Now is the time to go deeper in your relationship with God than ever before. Would you join us?


 Email Hotline

The purpose of this Email Hotline is for WomensLaw to provide basic legal information, referrals, and emotional support related to domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking.  All emails that involve legal content are answered by an attorney or answered by a law student volunteer and then reviewed by an attorney. However, we cannot provide legal advice or apply the law to your specific situation.

STOP! Before you continue, please think about whether someone else might be monitoring your device.

After 90 days, your account and all information associated with it are deleted from our systems. Read our privacy policy.

Kiti Ward
Executive Director & CEO
The Agape House
To Save a Life, To Save a World

COVID-19/Coronavirus Assistance Programs | FindHelp.org

Blog by Rev. Kiti Ward

November 2020


Hello Dear Friends,

To be included in this book is incredible; being placed alongside these amazing Black women ministers  serving others, serving God is such an honor.  As an ordained minister of the Gospel, as one given a stipend to study at U.W's Education Administration's Graduate Program or as the Agape House's Executive Director; which is where I am now, I recognize that my pathway has allowed me to live a life of give away, to give back to others. Ms. Hall's book, this book, is a recognition of that life value.Thank you, friends, your support, your friendship, your love for our 17-25 year old Black women who are either aging-out of foster care, homeless or about to be homeless; fodder or prey for those seeking women for sexual/human trafficking, is paramount  to our success! The Board, the young women, the stakeholders, the community, my family and I thank you for your encouragement, prayers, and love for our youth in this day of all kinds of deception, sickness and upheaval (John 13:35). May God richly bless you dear friends as you have blessed us and have blessed me.  To Be Continued...Kiti
Postscript: My photo is on the last row, third from the left, above the words "celebrating women"

Here you are . . . 

New York, California, North Carolina,

Georgia, Idaho, South Africa, Texas,

Missouri, Connecticut, Pennsylvania

If you spot your image, please respond to everyone with your name, ministry, and where you live.

This is sort of an introduction . . . If our voices have not touched, please give me a call.

Thanks so very much.




Kiti Ward

Executive Director
The Agape House
To Save a Life, To Save a World

Hey Ladies,

Agape House and GSBP will be delivering food for Thanksgiving this Saturday, November 21st in the afternoon.
If you have changed your location, please give us your new address . Call me at 206-579-6648.
If we need to call you when we arrive so the we can personally deliver the food please let us know.
As this is a time when many are physically hungry, please let me know if you know of someone (a family or individual) that can be blessed by food. We will get it to them.
Also, please be. sure to socially separate and to wear your masks if you come in contact with our folks who will are delivering.
The Agape House Board, Narima Amin, her GSBP Board and I pray you be blessed and have a good Thanksgiving!
Warm regards,
Ms. Kiti

Blog by Rev. Kiti Ward