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Blog by Rev. Kiti Ward

January  2018




Blog by Rev. Kiti Ward

February  2018


Dear Friends of Agape House,

We want to thank you for your faithfulness to The Agape House. As you are aware we opened our first house September 2017 with 2 young women in the house.
We have also been blessed with a grant writer, Nick, who will help us garner finances to pay approximately 4 staff persons who are presently volunteering their gifts and time.


Blog by Rev. Kiti Ward

March  2018


On March 1, 2018 Betty Jimerson: the new Chairperson for the newly forming Resource/Fund Raising Committee. On this day A 5 member to 6 members Resource/Fund Raising Committee was constituted headed by Betty Jimerson.

The 1st meeting was an introduction to The Agape House which included a tour of the 1st home.

We will meet again within the 2nd week in April. And at that time I will submit the Committee Members who are serious about supporting and fundraising for The Agape House. We will also start creating a plan for the upcoming year. Assess what worked best for the committee members when they were involved in other fundraising events.

I will delegate tasks to committee members such as publicity, donations and volunteer recruitment for fundraising events.

One member already came up with a great ideal for a 5k @ Green Lake.

My duties and goals:

  • Manage progress towards achieving an organization’s fundraising goals
  • Develop and carry out fundraising strategies while working with the Agency Fund Raiser
  • Community presence in the Black community to raise awareness
  • Create and plan different events that can generate donations
  • Work with the Executive Director to oversee the total process
  • Other to be assigned

PS… going to set a table up the King County Juvenile Division for their Juneteenth event on June 19, 2018

Betty J. Jimerson

9284 50th Ave So

Seattle, Wa 98118

206 765.9071

I Love God and my Community is very important to me.

I work at the YWCA of Seattle/King/Snohomish as the Event and Data Specialist

I am the Mission President at Greater New Bethel Baptist

I am also on the Usher Board


Blog by Rev. Kiti Ward

March  2018

Wednesday, May 9 is GIVEBIG, a one-day online giving campaign to raise funds for local nonprofits. Join us and GIVEBIG for all!

Please register for GIVEBIG 2018.  Your profile will be published on the GIVEBIG website.  Please search for your profile on the website, review it for accuracy and make any necessary edits.

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Be sure to frequently check our FAQ page and the Blog for GIVEBIG updates or to take advantage of our training opportunities.  Thank you.

Questions?  Please contact us at

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If your organization has any questions on May 9, the team will be available from 7 a.m. until 11:59 p.m. at or 1.833.962.3615. Trained staff will answer your questions as quickly as we are able to, but you can also find many answers in both our Nonprofit FAQ and Donor FAQ. Feel free to use that information as well.

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Blog by Rev. Kiti Ward

April  2018

Planning Committee Meeting

Dear Friends of the House,
Thank you for your commitment to The Agape House.
As we move into the next phase we recognize the great need we have for your support and talent.
For this reason we are meeting on:
Saturday, June 2nd @8:00-10:00 AM
The African parable tells us “It takes a village to raise a child”. I suggest it takes a tribe to build a community agency. Thank you for being the Tribe that helps build the House of Agape.

Blog by Rev. Kiti Ward

May  2018

Traveling Good

Brief description of event ...
The Traveling Good is a group of people that are traveling to 10 cities in 10 weeks all over the US to celebrate organizations that are doing GOOD for their community.


Seattle Vision:
Create a home feel space where everyone feels welcome, connects with like-minded people and see how they can be apart of serving their local communities. Celebrate the GOOD happening in our city and those that are DOing it!

Event Admission Fee (if any): FREE

Event Sponsor: Traveling Good

Web Site:

Public Email:



Rev. Kiti is off to an event  to receive an award for the efforts of The Agape House, on behalf of foster care girls.


Blog by Rev. Kiti Ward

June  2018


We are so proud of JANIVA (pictured here with Reverend Kiti Ward), who walked at graduation on Tuesday, June 18th and became the first graduate of Agape House to achieve her diploma. She has been such a young champion in overcoming so much.
This is the Bridge and the chance for young women to a new and better life of which we speak and of which Kiti and Agape House seek. 
Help us continue the quest, the actuality, the fruition. You’ll find that assisting these young women will make you feel absolutely divine.


Blog by Rev. Kiti Ward

October  2018


Unbeknownst to many, Seattle is a hot spot for human trafficking. Please COME MARCH WITH US (8 blocks) on Oct 20th to show Seattle that we care about those young women and men who are being trafficked in Seattle and across the world.

YOUR participation matters. YOU being there will make a difference in the lives of our youth and in the climate of our community.

I am so very proud of Saraangelena Ward who happens to be my daughter but moreover is a powerhouse advocate and leader who is working tirelessly and being most effective in bringing together tons of people from all ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds to make this event, on behalf of the unseen and often forgotten, a great success. She and her team are determined to kick butt and be a part of eradicating human trafficking directly in this area and indirectly in the world.

We are so pleased at The Agape House Inc to be a featured local non-profit at this Walk for Freedom event. You can learn of more opportunities to partner with us there as well.

Oct 20th 2018 at 10 am.

2700 1st Ave Seattle

Wear black

Register (free):

More info:





Blog by Rev. Kiti Ward

November  2018

Good Morning Dear Friends,

We want to sincerely thank you all for being on the frontlines with The Agape House. You have stayed, believed, prayed and given of your time and resources!
The Lord has used you to help us provide a landmark fourteen (14) months of safe housing and educational opportunities to four young at-risk women of color. 
Rev. Kiti Ward
To Save a Life, To Save a World

Sara Angelena's GivingTuesday Fundraiser for The Agape House Inc

Want to make a difference?

This GIVINGTUESDAY FACEBOOK AND PAYPAL will MATCH DONATIONS to nonprofits TODAY, November 27th, until their $7 million match max is met! Whatever you invest today, automatically doubles! Donations will be excitedly welcomed until Nov 30th—all tax deductible. 

The Agape House Inc was founded by an extraordinary visionary, deeply compassionate human and outstanding leader Kiti Ward (also my mom : )). The org is dynamically and effectively preventing girls who have aged out of foster care (18) and high risk for being trafficked or who are escaping human trafficking from being enslaved by providing them with the safe housing, mentor support, educational grants, and job training they need to prevent them from being especially susceptible targets. 

This Giving Tuesday, I'm honored to raise money for The Agape House Inc and I want to invite anyone who is interested in supporting their work to be able to too. It's a decision you will not regret. I can say with 100% confidence, your contribution will make an impact.

EVERY donation, regardless of size, matters because every little bit goes towards the incredible work Agape House is doing for a girl who matters and is looking for a way to survive. Thank you!

With love,

Sara Angelina Ward

How much would you like to donate?




A Blog by Rev. Kiti Ward

December   2018


Blessings, goodwill, and peace to all.



A Blog by Rev. Kiti Ward

January 2019

For Lily*, her life was taken away from her.

For millions of people, the experience of home is threatened or destroyed by modern-day slavery. And this must change.

Lily grew up in a rural village in the Mekong region. Together with her siblings, Lily was trafficked from her home country to Thailand by her aunt at the age of 7. She had never been to school and was extremely malnourished and abused at the time of trafficking.

Upon arrival in Thailand, her brothers were sold to a fishing boat and before long, she was used for sex by fishermen who were passing through.

Her life was not her own. She was forced to service men for 2 years before being identified as a victim of human trafficking.

Shortly after being found, Lily was connected with A21 and brought into our Child Advocacy Center in Pattaya. Her physical and mental trauma was extensive, and our team worked to provide critical care to Lily.

Lily had always wanted to attend school and the A21 team helped her to get enrolled. Today, she is learning Thai and taking dance lessons.

There’s hope for Lily’s future. But there are still many more children who need to be assisted to safety. 

For Freedom,
The A21 Team 


Donate to Agape House


Kiti Ward
Executive Director & CEO
The Agape House
To Save a Life, To Save a World


A Blog by Rev. Kiti Ward

February 2019

We love you all this Valentines Month! We thank you for loving Agape House! This month please consider bringing your gifts to the table as we move to  another level,

We need your brilliance, your diversity of perspective, your prayers, and if possible your fund! 

For my birthday this year, I'm asking for donations to The Agape House Inc. I've chosen this nonprofit because their mission means a lot to me, and I hope you'll consider contributing as a way to celebrate with me. Every little bit will help me reach my goal.

How much would you like to donate?


A Blog by Rev. Kiti Ward

March 2019

Dear Friends,
We are so grateful to you our friends of The Agape House. We have trusted you to help us, since our conception, get services to young (171/2-24 years of age) at-risk women of color.
We are applying for a Best Kids Grant. They have asked for letters from our supporters, the community.
We would be honored if you would send us (The Agape House, PO Box 21623 Seattle,
WA 98111-3623) your experiences and/or thoughts about the Agape House Program. These letters of support can be brief but are so valuable because they speak volumes about where we have been and where we can go with base funding.   
This grant is especially designed for funding smaller programs, such as ours; as well as serving brown and black young women which we have (without apology), identified and served. This grant will actually empower us to pay the excellent folks who have selflessly served without pay, to greatly increase the number of young women served and to offer additional concomitant  programs for training and internships.
Thank you for all that you have done dear friends.
Thank you for doing it again, for coming through for us, for your thoughtfulness and quick response by March 1, 2019.
Kindest Regards,
Kiti Ward
Executive Director
Agape House

A Blog by Rev. Kiti Ward

April & May 2019

Dear Friends,

We recognize you all are so very busy.
So we ask the following survey (approximately 1-2 minutes long) with "fear and trembling" and a lot of respect for you and your honesty
"Please it out.
It will help us tremendously to know what our friends' needs and thoughts are ...

Thank you.
Rev Kiti

501 Commons is excited to present GiveBIG. We are grateful to The Seattle Foundation for creating GiveBIG and being its major funder since 2011. Thank you to the Nonprofit Giving Day Coalition for its commitment to maintaining GiveBIG and finding it a new home.

We are pleased to be working with Encore Media Group, which is bringing its knowledge of media and marketing to a promotional campaign that is bigger than ever. Thanks also to the 16 members of the GiveBIG Nonprofit Advisory Council for their support and counsel.

At 501 Commons, our passion is to amplify the strengths of nonprofits.We do this through 30+ services we provide to 1000+ nonprofits a year. During GiveBIG we are asking you to step forward and donate to Washington’s nonprofits so people, families, and communities across our state flourish.

Schedule your GiveBIG gift today!

Wednesday, May 8 is GiveBIG, a one-day online giving campaign to raise funds for Washington's nonprofits. Join us and GiveBIG for all!

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